Fishing Carts at the Right Price

Anyone that fishes often wishes that they had a beach cart when lugging their rods, buckets, tackle boxes, and coolers from the car to the fishing destination. We carry four different CPI beach carts to accommodate the various needs of the fisherman. From 99.99 to 229.99. We also carry CPI Sand Flea Rakes and Sand Spikes.   ¬†


Choosing the Right Fishing Rod and Reel

Melbourne Beach is a fishing destination. With the beach, river, and inlet all within miles, there is quit a diverse playground for us fishermen. With that having said, the perfect rod and reel combo all depends on where you are fishing, what you are targeting, and personal preference. We cover a wide spectrum of rods, from 6'6'' light rods to 15' surf rods, and everything in between. To pair with...